Frozen 2 is not just another Disney animated flick; it is a journey into the unknown with Elsa and Anna, daughters of the late king of Arendelle and now the Queen and Princess of the Kingdom respectively. Directed by the team of Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee who were also behind the first Frozen that came out in 2013, the sequel unravels mysteries of the past that are connected to the future as well. Add some aesthetically pleasing songs, stunning visuals and Christophe Beck’s outstanding music and you have a complete package to keep both young and old entertained.

The sequel to Frozen takes the story forward of two sisters Elsa (voiced by Idina Menzel) and Anna (voiced by Kristen Bell), who penetrate into the ‘restricted’ Enchanted Forest after things go awry in their Kingdom. It is after they meet the tribesmen and tribeswomen that they realize that there is more than meets the eye about the history of the people from Arendelle and Northuldra.

The Northuldrans living inside in the magical mountain can’t go out while people of Arendelle are restricted from coming in, but Elsa managed to do that for some reason. It is for that very reason that she decides to solve the mystery, without anyone’s help, be it her sister Anna or friends Kristoff (Jonathan Groff), Olaf (Josh Gad) and Sven.

The film’s most impressive scenes occur after Elsa and Anna have gone in different directions, with Anna finding herself stuck with Olaf and Elsa following the strange siren voice that only she can hear. What they find at the end of the journeys is too big a twist for the audience and changes the narrative completely. And yes, the fiery frog and the magnificent water horse that befriend Elsa help her find the answers she is looking for, but not before disturbing her with their wild acts.

The best part about Frozen 2 is the fact that all the songs are incorporated in the screenplay, giving space to both dialogues and songs at the same time. Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez continue to impress with their happy, bittersweet, nostalgic and compelling numbers. While Menzel’s Into The Unknown is this year’s Let It Go, other songs like Some Things Never Change, The Next Right Thing, Lost In The Woods and All is Found complement the narrative in their own way. They are neither filmi songs nor dramatic ones but without them, the story might not feel magical.

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Of course, there is Olaf’s comedy, Kristoff’s impatience and the venturing into the unknown that keeps the audience on their seats, thoroughly entertained. Unlike the first film where all the characters were introduced and their characteristics discovered, this one has an advantage of familiarity with the audience. It may not be a story of one sister searching for the other, but two sisters fulfilling their promises to each other – that is to defend themselves and their kingdom. 

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