Cinema has been going through a dry spell for the past 4 weeks as there have been no new release for cine goers. Next week we will be getting an international release and this one is going to be a horror thriller!

Although fans are disappointed that Captain Marvel has not released here, there is still something coming our way, which will be a treat for those who have a taste for horror. The film seems extremely promising with as it comes from the makers of Academy Award winner Get Out!



The movie will be a fun watch as the concept of the film is quite different from other horror films. We see the family’s Doppelgangers haunting them . It reflects rather deeper message. The main idea behind the movie as explained by the director and writer of the film in his interview to with Entertainment Weekly is:

“I think the main idea that went into writing this film is that we’re our own worst enemy, and that idea created this monster, The Tethered, I wanted to forge this new mythology that explored our duality and the duality of the characters.”

The film star Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o in lead role and the trailer seem extremely intense, bloody and will force you to pray for the character’s lives. It has all the right elements to be a fitting horror/thriller movie.

Be sure to check it out!


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