Wrong No 2 is gearing up for release this Eid ul Fitr. With just a few days left before release we caught up with the multi-talented actor and director Yasir Nawaz who has helmed this comedy flick.

Wrong No 2 Trailer: Fun & Chaotic!

Cast of Wrong No 2

What made you come up with a sequel of the film?

The first film I made was Wrong no 1, then Mehrunisa We Lub You, both were comedies, the third film that I got the script ready for was a murder mystery. When we neared the beginning of its shoot many people advised me not to go through with it. The reason being that people are not ready for such subjects. Right now people have started coming to cinemas for Pakistani Films for comedy on your name, Nadeem Baig and Ahsan Rahim’s name. So focus on comedy side.

Wrong No 2 Declared A laugh Riot As It Clears Censor

How did the narrative come together?

For the narrative, it was Danish’s story, dialogues are by Ahmed Hasan and screenplay is by me.This time we did a new experiment and I would call the entire team to my house at night along with some other friends who work in theater like Saqib Sameer, my director friend Zeeshan and Nimra Farid. We would sit together and write its script.

Ahmed Hasan in Wrong No 2

This was 90-100 days long process. We would write one scene or half scene in a day and discard it if we didn’t like it.So we wrote the script in a very fun way.

How did you decide the title?

Since this film also had some confusion,and it also has comedy errors that were there in Wrong No 1,so we decided to keep the title Wrong No 2.This was decided towards the end.This film has no link with Wrong No 1, its story is different and stars different actors. Wrong No is just a brand that we have used.

Sami Khan and Neelum Munir in Wrong No 2

Wrong No 2 starring Sami Khan, Neelum Muneer, Danish Nawaz, Ahmed Hasan and Yasir Nawaz himself is his third directorial film to hit the screens. It is being declared a laughter riot by insiders.

Wrong No 2. To Be Distributed By Eros International In Overseas


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