Friday 22nd March 2019: Baandi Vs Noor Bibi

While there aren’t many good dramas airing on Fridays, the two that do stand out among the others are Baandi and Noor Bibi. Of course whether these dramas actually have any redeeming qualities is yet to be seen, but for now let’s see what happened this Friday in these dramas and how they compared to each other in the end!

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Baandi (Hum Tv) Moomal Entertainment

The wrongdoings of Wali’s parents, and specially Faiza, keep coming out one by one to her son and tension is building up steadily! This episode we find out that Faiza’s mother had been alive all along and had remained hidden in Faiza’s sister Sobia’s house.

The mystery of why Faiza was so adamant on keeping Dadi hidden from everyone comes out when Dadi is visited by Wali and Rameen and she tells them that Rameen is not Faiza’s daughter at all but is in fact the daughter of the second wife who was killed by Faiza after she gave birth to Rameen.

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Wali is of course shaken to the core by this as he begins to see the full picture of what an awful person his mother was and is. Meeru is still in the hospital which really has come to a standstill as there is no progression in her track; she really should be taken out of the hospital now since she’s been there for the past 5 episodes at least.

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Tahwaar is still in jail and stuck there for a while since no legal action can be taken without the media getting involved. It seems the drama is slowly wrapping up all loose ends as every bad character is getting what they deserve. We can’t wait to see Meeru and Wali end up together though since that remains the sole highlight of this drama!

Noor Bibi (Geo Tv)

This was another very confusing episode of Noor Bibi, but at this point every episode has become the same. Seema and Hania’s plan is going pretty well as Seema manages to get the inspector in their side by giving him the money extorted out of Raja Sahab. Now that the money has been given, Hania is able to come back but under the pretence that her ‘kidnapper’ had released her.

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However, Seema’s mother becomes aware that Seema and Hania had been planning this and she might form  a hurdle to their success. Also, Rabia is supposedly pregnant with Sameer’s child which makes Feroza think they finally have an upper hand but as a conversation later reveals, Rabia and Sameer are only faking all of this.

Feroza also finds out about Nadia’s marriage to Raja Sahab which is quite late but her reaction is fiery and she locks her up in the store room. As always, Noor Bibi ends up raising more questions than answering them and ends up becoming repetitive.

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In comparison to Baandi, it also has no direction for the story and honestly just seems as if the writers randomly picked different characters and threw them together with no thought. Another thing that is a huge flaw is that literally nothing makes sense; for example, the fact that the inspector so easily is swayed by Seema and Hania. All of these random things really take away from the drama’s quality overall.

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While Noor Bibi is a disappointing mess, Baandi is definitely our top pick for Fridays. Apart from being cohesive and well-structured, it has good performances and heartwarming moments such as between Wali and Meeru. Everything in Baandi works really well together, which is more than can be said about Noori Bibi! Hence, Baandi is our winner on Fridays.

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What did you think of these dramas? Let me know in the comments!

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