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22nd February Friday 2019 dramas:

Drama serials Baandi, Band Khirkiyan and Noor Bibi particularly stand out on Fridays. Here’s my analysis and verdict on which one won among the three!

Baandi (Hum Tv) Moomal Entertainment

Wali’s search for Meeru might have ended but the troubles have only just begun. When Babu Jee reveals the actual events to him, Wali realizes how blind he had been to his own parents’ guilt, specially his mother whom he had already begun to suspect. But while Wali has found Meeru, the numerous other people out to end Meeru’s life are also closer to finding her. Faiza seems to be inching closer to ending Meeru’s life, while Tahwaar seems to have a plan set in place already. Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt have been consistent in excellent performances throughout, but Baandi is veering towards the typical clichéd storyline instead of sticking to its original story. It would do the drama wonders if it did not let itself fall further into this trope.

Band Khirkiyan (Hum Tv) Moomal Entertainment

Finally, the last episode of this drama aired! It was about time Subohi and Sameer got their closure. While Subohi is in the hospital in a coma that could potentially be for life, Sameer begins to actually regret his actions and seeks forgiveness. The entire episode was basically Sameer coming to the realization that he had been in the wrong all along. When Subohi finally recovers, Sameer is a changed man and although she initially does not forgive him, Subohi comes around after some time and the drama ends when Sameer and Subohi find peace and happiness within each other. The fact that Sameer changes for the better was a good conclusion to what was an otherwise abusive relationship and he actually attempts to be a good husband was also a nice change. Band Khirkiyan had gone on for far too long but we’re glad it ended this way.

Noor Bibi (Geo Tv)

At this point, Raja Shaukat has more wives than we can count. Hania is now married to him, but she fights against being his wife by locking herself up in her room and not letting anyone in. She defies everyone in the house, including the other wives. Seema is also being forced to marry Raja Shaukat against her will, and while she is in the process of marrying him, her mother dies back home. So she returns to her village to mourn her mother’s death, much to the chagrin of Raja Shaukat. The entire DNA test plot is also underway but not much progression happens in that regard. Many times, Noor Bibi is too much to watch and it has added in unnecessary characters with no particular personalities or defining qualities which has really affected the drama negatively.


Band Khirkiyan’s end has us rooting for it this time! We loved this drama from beginning to end even though it really felt dragged out by the end. But compared to the other dramas that it is competing with on Friday, Band Khirkiyan is honestly so much better. We’re glad it ended on such a positive note as well. Baandi certainly has potential and we look forward to seeing how it develops, but Noor Bibi has severely disappointed.

Umaima Munir is a film and theatre nerd who is extremely passionate about well-written scripts. Her love for television stems from days of watching old PTV dramas such as Andhera Ujala.


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