The art form of TV drama can be called the image of society shown on the small screen. Four mega serials have gone on air during October 2018 on different channels include:

Maryam Pereira, Haiwan, Deedan, and Romeo Weds Heer.


TV Channel

Director Cast Production HouseGenre
Maryam Pereira/

TV One

Iqbal HussainEmmad Irfani, Ahsan Khan, Sadia Khan, Seemi Raheel, Ayub KhosaReal EntertainmentSocial, drama,



ARY Digital

Syed Mazhar MoinFaysal Qureshi, Sawaira Nadeem,

Sanam Chowdhry

iDream ProductionSocial evils, drama

A Plus

Amin IqbalSanam Saeed, Mohib Mirza, Rasheed Naz, Tipu Shareef9th Degree EntertainmentSocial, drama, thrill, romance
Romeo Weds Heer/



Anjum ShahzadSana Javaid, Feroze Khan7th Sky EntertainmentComedy, drama,



Let’s have a look at what these serials are about:

Maryam Pereira:

This drama highlights the problems of the Christian community. The community has to face the menace of the land mafia who want to purchase their decades-old Christian colony for lucrative commercial purposes. The significant points of the story are the highlight of the equal rights of the Christian community and the religious differences between Muslims and Christians. The battle of good versus bad in the context of ethnicity and belief is the main subject of the story.


Child protection and abuse are, sorrowfully, increasing in Pakistan. Minor kids especially females are extremely vulnerable. Recently, a serial with the name of Meri Guriya also has ended on ARY. Such stories are significantly creating awareness in parents and kids about child protection. We need to talk about social evils and uncover the ugly faces of the characters who are living among and around us. This story rightly highlights the aspect of the beast nature of man. ARY has perfectly done its social responsibility.


It is a story of a young couple desperately in love and fighting against all odds to marry. In mountain areas (Pashtun belt), love marriage is a prohibited act. Going against the norms of arranged marriage, that too by a female is considered as immorality and shamelessness. Resham (Sanam Saeed) and Zardaab (Mohib Mirza) go against the culture of marrying women in contrast to their will. During the course of action, they run away but have to pass through a hell of pains and miseries.

Romeo Weds Heer:

This light romantic serial, written by Dr. Younus Butt, is going to give us a fair dose of entertainment this quarter. It can be seen as an entertainer among the serious stories like Deedan, Haiwan, and Maryam Pereira. The hit couple of Khaani is leading in the comedy-based entertainer, Romeo Weds Heer. In contrast to Khaani, this time Sana Javaid and Feroze Khan are playing totally different roles. A very extensive promotional campaign has also been done by the producers of this drama.

We must have to give credit to all the production houses and TV channels for their efforts to bring multiple shades of life. It is a pleasing thing to see that our producers, writers, and directors are intelligently showing us the pictures of society, totally different from each other. Romeo Weds Heer is a dreamy student side of life while Haiwan is very serious. Maryam Pereira represents the problems and life of minorities. And Deedan gives us a clue how tough a course of love can be for a couple. So, we are to taste four different flavors this quarter which is no less than a treat along with education and awareness.



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