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Ford v Ferrari is set in 60s when American company Ford was struggling to catch up with Ferrari at Le Mans. The film marks the first collaboration of superstars Matt Damon and Christian Bale, but the film offers much more than that. Racing movies are usually technical and cater to niche markets but director James Goldman has kept human element throughout keeping audiences engrossed. The film does have a long 150 minutes run time but amazing skills of the actors and absorbing screenplay keeps you glued till the end.

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Ford v Ferrari is not just about Ford getting its strength and creating impact at Le Mans, the film takes you through various emotions making it one of the best racing biographies of all time. Matt Damon plays Caroll Shelby an ex driver and race director who puts everything on stake and directs Ken Miles played by Chrisitan Bale’s car for the mega finale at Le Mans.

Ford vs Ferrari
Ford vs Ferrari

Matt Damon and Christian Bale both put up towering performances. Christian Bale as Ken Miles make us laugh, cry and enthusiastic throughout and his body language was perfectly depicting what he was going through. Matt Damon on the other hand as Caroll Shelby was portraying a bit of sober attitude and kept us on our toes through the film. In the end its hard to choose who performed better but both the stars gave their one of the finest performances till date.

James Goldman who gave us a gripping finale to Wolverine in Logan has once again delivered perfectly. The film despite having a long run time is engaging through out and the climax at Le Mans is highlight of the film. The whole buildup till the Le Mans was engaging. The visuals and flow throughout the film were spectacular. The dialogues between Matt Damon and Christian Bale were really well scripted and the screen time of both the stars was handled intelligently too.

Ford v Ferrari not only manages to come out as a perfect racing biography rather the film also tell us that how important are people who make decisions. Supporting cast has performed really well and they have made their impact despite coming opposite Matt Damon and Christian Bale.

Ford v Ferrari goes down as one of the exceptional films of the year and with award season coming up, the film will definitely grab multiple nominations at Academy Awards. The film satisfies you completely as a movie goer with spell bound screenplay, stunning visuals, engrossing climax and above all towering performances of Matt Damon and Christian Bale.

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