We have a large number of dramas that are based on true stories but there are very few dramas who created a stalwart mark and gained a humongous response from the masses. If we consider the era from 2007 onwards then we will surely have a good number of dramas that will be eligible to appear in this list. In order to make it concise; the stories and content of these five dramas are superlative enough that they can easily manage to take place in this list.

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1. Baaghi

Drama serial “Baaghi” came in the year 2017 on Urdu 1 and grew highly popular, partly due to the marvellous performance of Saba Qamar and partly due to its inspiration from the real-life story of a social media sensation, Qandeel Baloch who tried to enter the industry in a respectable manner but ended up doing controversial work such as vulgar song videos and sexual vlogs. The model was then murdered, after which the drama serial was made based on true events from Qandeel Baloch’s life. In the serial, the name of the protagonist was changed to Qanwal Baloch so as to present the story in an indirect manner.

2. Meri Guriya

While one telefilm called “Zainab Ke Qaatil” was banned before its release due to the protest against it by a raped Pakistani girl’s parents, ARY came up with a very subtle adaptation of the matter. A few months after the little girl named Zainab was raped and murdered in Pakistan, drama serial “Meri Guriya” was released. The drama deals with sexual abuse, but its incorporation of a doll-like little girl’s rape has led many to believe that the project is based on Zainab’s case.

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3. Sadqay Tumhare

A popular HUM TV drama casting Mahira Khan and Adnan Malik gradually revealed itself as a true story. Its inspiration from the real life of the writer, Khalil ur Rehman was evident from the fact that the protagonist was named as Khalil but it was confirmed when in an award show, Noor-ul-Huda Shah told that the story was Khalil-ur-Rehman’s own and Khalil-ur-Rehman stamped it by telling that he was asked by his family members to turn down the show from the small screen.

4. Lahaasil

“Lahaasil” was a popular HUM TV serial written by Umera Ahmad and directed by Angeline Malik. It was released around the year 2007 and was based on the life of a call-girl who embraces Islam and spends the rest of her life in piousness. While the drama serial does not tell about it, the novel from which it was adapted has been dedicated to a woman named Najma with the information that this woman accepted Islam and left England for finding solace in Pakistan. Watching the serial makes us realize that this is exactly the story of the protagonist.

5. Piyari Bitto

Drama serial “Piyari Bitto” went on air on Express Entertainment in the year 2017. It was directed by Mazhar Moin and written by Saji Gul, who tells that the character of Sania Saeed in the story was inspired by a family member of his who was smitten by Alzheimer’s. The writer further told that the person was a male but due to our dramas being woman-centric, the character created for the serial was shown to be a woman. The experiences, however, were kept the same.

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