According to TechCrunch, the biggest international distributor in the world Disney is all set to close a deal with 21st Century Fox on 20th March. It will be acquiring rights of Fox in 71.3 b$.

The distribution house is currently basking in the glory of Captain Marvel. Its next releases Dumbo and the highly anticipated Avengers Endgame are just a few weeks away. With the release of these two, Disney is anticipated to rake in humongous numbers.

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Disney’s utmost success has made it one of the biggest and most formidable distribution houses. Disney’s acquisition of Fox will further eliminate competition.

The acquisition gives Disney control over Fox’s film and television studios, including the Avatar franchise and highly acclaimed blockbusters X Men and Deadpool 2.

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Previously, Disney acquired America’s favorite series “Star Wars” from Lucas films back in 2012 in 4.05b $ and Indiana Jones. The acquisition proved efficient as Disney’s Star Wars Episdoe VIII : The Force Awakens in 2015 went on to become the highest grossing film in North America till date.

The merger is definitely an exciting move as fans can expect masterpieces to emerge as a product of both the brands. It definitely excites and makes one wonder if we will now be seeing the X-men and Deadpool venturing into Marvel Universe?

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Question also arises, what will happen to Fox’s films which were underway? Will we still get to see the series of X Men : New Mutants? Also will there be any changes made to Avatar 2 which was expected to hit the screens on 18th December 2020?

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Disney has been producing great films, therefore fans are definitely excited. We are especially excited to see what kind of changes will occur in X men characters. Seeing them in Avengers will be a treat! If this does happen, we are excited to see how the story builds up and how are we introduced to the mutants in Avengers!

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All these throbbing questions have definitely build up our excitement!


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