We previously posed a question at you guys if the newly started drama Khaas will be able to outperform ARY’s Do Bol on Wednesdays or not? Do Bol has no doubt became a raving success however Khaas has a stellar cast and appeared promising. The drama’s first episode aired yesterday and it did not leave a very Khas first impression on us!

The drama has brought back Sanam Baloch to the small screen after a very long hiatus which is very exciting. Starring opposite the immensely adored drama serial Dastaan’s actress is Heer Man Ja’s Ali Rehman Khan and Verna’s Haroon Shahid.

Will Khaas End The Rule Of Do Bol On Wednesdays?

The supporting cast in the drama is also strong including Behroze Shabzwari and Saba Faisal. The drama’s teasers did not manage to create any intrigue, hype or excitement on social media. The OST is also somewhat average and doesn’t make you want to listen to it again.

Sanam Baloch on Sets of Khaas

Despite all that we were hoping for, Khaas doesn’t seem to be a strong competitor for Do Bol. Unfortunately while watching both drama simultaneously in between commercial breaks we were more inclined towards Do Bol!

Hira Mani and Affan Waheed
Hira Mani and Affan Waheed

Khaas has failed to give a good opening, or create any buzz around it. The drama did not have a fresh cast but in fact known faces and that should have been a major pull for the serial.

The battle between Shayan, Mannat & Wajih intensifies

The first episode sets the bases of the drama and lays ground on which the audience is suppose to be hooked, take Cheekh for example, the serial began with a bang and Nayab’s death was the hook that drew us into its web and we are forever tangled.

Cast of Cheekh on set
Cast of Cheekh on set

However, in case of Khaas we can pretty much see where the story is going, the only refreshing thing about the drama was Sanam Baloch, who is back and hopefully she will be seen in more serials as she was truly missed!

While the first episode was rather dull however its too soon yet and we do hope the pacing of the drama will improve and the storyline will get interesting in the coming episodes! Therefore we will definitely be watching more of this drama.

What did you guys think of the first episode? Let us know in the comments!


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