With the exit of some of the old dramas, there is a new wave of dramas coming in. As we bid farewell to dramas like Ranjha Ranjha Kardi and Suno Chanda 2, we are particularly excited about some new ones. While most of the dramas focus on societal norms and vices, it is in the art of story telling that makes a drama stand out.

Teasers of Surkh Chandini Are Heart Breaking!

Surkh Chandini is one such drama that taps into one such vice, that is very common in Pakistan. The issue of acid attacks and the lives of the survivors is depicted in this drama, something that Deepika Padukone’s upcoming movie Chap is going to focus on as well.

The first episode introduced us to the characters and established the role that every character will be playing in this drama. Sohai and Osman’s portrayal of Aida and Amaan deeply in love is very heartening and has us rooting for them since day one.

First Impressions: Khaas not so Khaas?

Mansha Pasha plays the stereotypical sister in law, who is the the villain along with Asad Siddique who plays Jawad. Mansha will be in fact the one who will unknowingly facilitate Jawad with attack on Aida that will change her whole life.It will be interesting that she will not break her silence despite knowing the truth.

One thing that is commendable is that the story did not take numerous episodes to reveal the interest of the two protagonist to the family. The narrative’s main focus is what will come after they are about to unite. The drama has also painted a vivid picture for the sake of defining the demographics of the families.The locations chosen reflect the financial status of all the characters. Also it is great to watch Sohai and Osman on small screen after a hiatus.

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The drama also incorporates stereotypes only for the sake of negating them. Aida’s mother’s stance for her education and Amaan’s mother explaining to him that men need to do house chores were just two examples.

The episode was beautifully shot. The camera work, along with apt locations and settings make the story more convincing. There were scenes where the camera moved along with the characters giving us close up and unique shots. The shots are what enables us to relate and connect with the characters more. The drama reflects great production value as well, the drama comes from producers Sana Shahnawaz, Samina Humayun Saeed, Humayun Saeed and Shezad Naseeb.

On the whole it is truly heartening to see dramas that are daring to do something different, and presenting a narrative that is relatable yet unique. Besides dramas like Cheekh and Ranjha Ranjha Kardi, we now have another drama that will tell a story with impact. Surkh Chandini certainly looks like one that is worth watching by those looking for quality content.

How did you like the first episode of Surkh Chandini?

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