The comical Ramazan special Suno Chanda, that won fans over last year is back with another season. This season has managed to maintain the same level of humor as before.

Drama Recommendation: Its Suno Chanda Day!

The story picked up where they left off. Ajiya and Arsal are married and their bantering continues. She has issues with Arsal snoring and she complains about it to the entire house.

She is met with stereotypical response that he is her husband so she should respect him or bear with him. Arsal realizing that everyone is on his side, uses it to his advantage to further annoy her.

The episode did not have any particular memorable dialogues and the script has been kept simple. Even so the narrative works as the essence of the serial is comedy so we do not expect any heavy duty dialogues. We do hope for some fantastic punch lines. The scenes have been perfectly timed and not at all dragged keeping the episode crisp.

The drama has colorful characters, each of which have their traits. Ajiya’s little brother DJ is a tattletale and he gets his hands on breaking news. Her father is paranoid about his health and is always on about which medicine he should take next. There are some new characters that been added like Ali Safina’s sister played by Arjumand Raheem, who has arrived from Chichawatani.

Suno Chanda 2 is just as beautiful!

The overall tone of the episode was light , with majorly concentrating on Arsal and Jia’s bickering. The other family members were a treat to watch as well. We are looking forward to see the new entrants interact with the family and the chaos that will begin.

Every actor’s performance was on par, but I particularly enjoyed Arjumand Raheem’s entrance. The background score gels in with the scenes making them more enjoyable. It is certainly going to be a good one month, and I for one am looking forward to seeing Suno Chanda every day.

Are you team Arsal or Team Jia?


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