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Mikaal Zulfiqar is back on television with new serial Ramz e Ishq along side Hiba Bukhari and Kiran Haq. The drama revolves around an influential family with a complicated family history. The drama has taken off very well and it has our interest piqued. The first episode not only introduces the characters but also keeps the narrative happening and crisp.

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Abid Ali plays the head of the family who has two sons played by Shabbir Jan and Aijaz Aslam as well as a daughter. Wajahat (Aijaz) does something unforgiveable that gets him banished for his betrayal and his mistake is not forgiven even 20 years later. This is where the story takes off, with the third generation all grown up. Mikaal plays Shabbir Jan’s son Rayan and Kiran play his cousin Rania (who has grown up in his maternal grandfather’s house after her father left her mother).

This is the basis of the story in the drama. The story may be slightly typical, but the way it has been introduced in the first episode is very impressive. The entire episode is very engaging and make us want to get to know the characters better. The drama is directed by Koi Chand Rakh’s director Siraj ul Haq. The pace of the episode was good and the episode had lot to offer. Some scenes are made more impactful with interesting camera work. Also the sets of the drama are apt, the contrast between Wajhat’s financial state and his father’s has been shown very well.

The episode was well dispersed among the characters as they were all introduced with their backstories. Out of the protagonists,the main focus was on Roshni (Hiba Bhukari) and Rayan (Mikaal). All actors gave convincing performances and have us intirgued about what is to come.

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The drama has a lot to offer from great acting, to good dialogues, a gripping story with flavors of love, romance, heartbreak, betrayal, conspiracies and revenge. The first episode has certainly given off the impression that the drama has potential in the coming days if the narrative is handled well. One thing is for sure it is nice to have Mikaal back on television after so long!


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