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Humayun Saeed and Ayeza Khan Meray Pass Tum Ho aired its first episode on Saturday . The drama centres around a small family of three living on middle income. Humayun Saeed plays a simple yet extremely loving husband and father. Where as Ayeza Khan as Mehwish is his wife who wishes for a good lifestyle and material things. The child star who plays their son Rumi is also very adorable. Both Ayeza and Humayun gave convincing performances.

Meray Pass Tum Ho OST

The entire episode showed their simple life and their problems that are relatable to every common man. The dialogues though simple are extremely beautiful and serve their purpose well. The opening scene of the drama summed up their financial state and their particular mindsets in just a few dialogues. The entire episode was spent on Mehwish obsessing over a necklace that she had seen and Danish feeling helpless about not being able to buy it. It seems that is his simplicity that will become his biggest enemy. The drama taps into the psyche a common man and the train of thought and worries that follow a desire.

Ayeza’s character is hinting on a certain level of dissatisfaction and possibility of betrayal, where as Humayun’s character is oblivious of the trap he is falling into. I particularly love how the first episode has hinted on character traits and seeded the basis for the events to follow, instead of springing it on us out of the blue.

Overcome by embarrassment and love for his wife, Danish has set out to chose a slippery slope that can lead to no good.The drama is an exploration of greed, love, sacrifice and loyalty. The first episode has laid basis of the story in a simple yet meticulous way. A story that all can relate to yet one that has been told in an engaging way so that the audience have something new to watch.

Meray Pass Tum Ho: A realistic depiction of plight of a common man

The drama also stars Adnan Siddique in a pivotal role, however we have yet to see him. With adequate set design, great attention to detail and captivating shots in every frame, Nadeem Baig has certainly given us a treat to watch for the coming few months. Though Cheekh has ended we have been given a great replacement in form of Meray Pass Tum Ho. The drama has us hooked from its first episode and it is surely one that should not be missed.

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