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Directed by Furqan Khan the much anticipated serial “Mein Na Janoo ” atlast aired its first episode last night on Hum TV. Drama consists of a very solid cast which includes Zahid Ahmed, Affan Waheed and Sanam Jung. Serial has established the base characters and story line in the first episode subtly.

Affan Waheed Diversifying his range with Mein Na Janoo

Director has kept the story line and story telling simple but the dialogues were quite impactful. Sanam Jung in her comeback character has done quite well. Even though she is playing a routine emotional girl and her story is also typical but she created a good impact with the powerful dialogues and her performances.

Zahid Ahmed is seen in yet another challenging role this time around of a blind guy and he gives a decent performance. Retired from Air Force, Zahid plays Sanam’s cousin, his character was given a good amount of screen space but at the same time his character left us guessing about his past. The intrigue around his story is a major hook for audience.

Affan Waheed had two brief scenes and he managed to create his presence felt from those two scenes alone. We could easily feel that Affan is set to give us a very powerful performance in coming episode. The expressions and composure in the performance was intact. Komal Aziz who plays Sanam’s step sister, was charming and leaves a good impression during her brief presence in first episode.

The best performer of the episode without doubt was Sangeeta who is seen in a negative role, who has established this very well in the first episode and her performance is so convincing that you actually end up hating her character.

Director Furqan Khan successfully established all the characters and the base storyline in the first episode but also kept a bit of suspense regarding some characters. Even though the future story seems predictable, drama has some good potential as the story line can be relate-able and these stars can give some extremely powerful and impactful performances if given space to shine.Overall a decent start to the drama.

Affan Waheed to be seen in his first negative role alongside Sanam Jung!

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