After the conclusion of Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir’s period drama Aangan, we have a spiritual drama that has replaced it. Kun Faya Kun stars Imran Abbas, Zarnish Khan and Alizeh Shah in pivotal roles. Set in Islamabad this is a story revolving around a middle class family and their internal conflicts.

Imran Abbas & Alizeh Shah Go On Spiritual Journey With Kun Faya Kun

Imran (Hashir), Zarnish( Bisma) and Alizeh(Mashal) play cousins. Mashal is an orphan who lives with her grandmother. Whereas Bisma and Hashir are in love. Bisma is very materialistic and expects a lot from Hashir. However Hashir is a very positive humble guy who doesn’t mind her wishes.

Bisma and Hashir’s mother are typical sister in laws who are jealous of each other and do things to tease the other. They always have a competition going to prove themselves superior through material things. They are also selfish in terms of money, they don’t mind spending thousand on themselves but have a problem with their husband giving their mother a small amount monthly.

All the characters in the drama are very familiar and relatable allowing the audiences to connect with them easily. Bisma and Hashir’s chemistry is adorable. However, it is Mashal’s character that really drew me to the drama. While they all belong to the same family her circumstances make her very different from the other two girls of the family i.e. Bisma and Hashir’s sister Arisha.

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Mashal is a young and an innocent soul who doesn’t like the circumstance she is in. She complains to her grandmother for having to wear Arisha’s hand me downs, which she gave terming them as “new”. She is not optimistic about anything she prays for as she never gets her prayers answered.

Her grandmother who is referred to as Apa Ji by everyone is a positive character of the drama. She always reasons with her discontentment and makes her see the bright side of things. She will be her spiritual guide as well. Their bond is very strong and their scenes were the best ones throughout the episode.

Since this was the first episode, the director took time introducing all the characters in the story. Nothing major happened in the episode, it only hinted to a conspiracy that the two mothers will cook up to separate Mashal and Apa Ji in order to save money.

Most of the episode was shot indoors and the sets are very apt in defining the financial settings of the families. The drama has been penned down by Alif Allah Aur Insan’s writer Qaisra Hyatt¬† and directed by Illyas Kashmiri.The drama is off to a good start lets see what the following episodes have to offer.


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