The multi-starrer drama Ishq Zahe Naseeb aired its first episode last night. The drama started on a mysterious note with a small child calling out his parents. We are introduced to Sameer (Zahid Ahmed) as we are given a hint into the background which led to his condition. The grandness of the house, the dim lit setting and background music maintains the aura of mystique and we are pulled into the scene.

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The tone of the drama then takes a shift and we are taken to a totally different setting and a new story emerges on a light note. We are introduced to a lively mischievous Gohar (Sonya Hussyn) who is madly in love with Kashif (Sami). Gohar’s personality is full of color and she is also superstitious. The first half of the episode was fun and entertaining as we are introduced to Gohar’s life.

She belongs to a poor family and a lot of attention to detail has been given to establish that fact. Their house is a perfect depiction of their lifestyle and financial status. Kashif on the other hand seems to have a slightly better status. Khalid Malik hand plays her good for nothing cousin who wants to marry her. The setting seems typical but one that will develop into something extremely interesting.

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One incident confirmed it when she goes to the palm reader and she unravels some rather disturbing details about Gohar’s future to her. Her predictions left us intrigued and scared at the same time.

While the episode maintained a good flow in terms of narrative one thing that was unusual were the disjointed scenes especially when the story shifted to Sameer.

We were taken back and forth in his past and present as he remembers the girl he lost. There is an air of mystery around him and his past. It is unclear as to what happened to his fiance and how she died. His present is not so straight forward either. We also get a glimpse of Shakara his split and we are left with Zahid and her together, making us wanting more.

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The director Farooq Rind has cast a web of interesting characters. The drama has left a good impression and a lot of unanswered question which will be answered in the upcoming episodes. We certainly look forward to seeing how the story unfolds.


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