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The much anticipated drama Ehd E Wafa aired its first episode . The episode took off on an interesting note with the four boys Shah Zain (Osman Khalid Butt), Saad (Ahad Raza Mir) ,Shariq (Wahaj Ali) and Sheheryar(Ahmed Ali Akbar) sneaking out at night from their hostel. The young and adventurous had our attention during the opening scene, suspense background score amped up the excitement as well.It was an interesting way to start the drama however the scene was merely for sake of an introduction of the leading ensemble, so the scene could have been a bit more crisp and concise.

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The first episode did use different references, flashbacks and instances to establish character traits of Shah Zain and Saad .We have yet to know more about Shariq and Sheheryar . Shah Zain is the brains, Saad is the executioner, Shariq and Sheheryar give their input but mostly tag along. They are a fun gang who have some mischief up their sleeve every now and then.We were also introduced to Rani (Zara Noor Abbas) and Dua (Alizeh Shah) both college student full of energy ,spirit yet blunt as well. We have yet to see Vaneeza who has returned to screen after many years.

The boys and girls of the leading ensemble were fine in terms of performance and did manage to entertain us. Wahaj and Ahmed suit their avatars perfectly. The first episode had some positives yet some negatives as well. Among the supporting cast Warden Firdous is an entertaining character however the actor seemed to be a bit alienated to his role and his performance seemed forced. It was heartening to see the Alpha, Bravo, Charlie’s Faraz on screen as Saad’s father however we aren’t sold on his acting just yet! The principal wasn’t impressive either and made us wonder if there wasn’t a better choice out there to cast.

Mustaf Afridi’s dialogues maintained a casual light tone, with good intentioned humor yet not all were funny. But what we are interested in seeing is how the narrative on the whole gets on as the concept of the drama is truly a breather.

The sequence of the scenes did not follow a proper format and at some points during the episode the transition from one scene to another didn’t make sense. Another thing to be noted was why Osman’s haircut was not as per the requirements of Cadet College. We look forward to getting this common observation answered in the upcoming episodes. One could not help but feel something is missing. The drama has a lot of potential and we hope to see it soar to it in upcoming episodes.

Ehd E Wafa Ahad Raza Mir
Ehd E Wafa Ahad Raza Mir

Our take away after watching the first episode is that Saife Hassan’s directorial Ehd E Wafa is intentioned to be a feel good drama and it will touch some serious themes in the future. The drama has been set in different dynamics than the regular run of mill content that is being repeatedly thrown at us,so some points should be given for the diversity. The drama is a breather from the conventional Saas Bahu content and deserves to be given credit for daring to be different. Also considering this was the first episode we can hope that the drama will grow on us. With such an exceptional cast on board and good concept we hope Ehd E Wafa succeeds in becoming this generation’s Sunheray Din.

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