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Death is the ultimate reality of life and the opening scene of the much-awaited serial Dassi reminds us of this dark and somber reality. With a star-studded cast on board and intriguing teasers, we were already excited for Daasi & last night’s episode was a promising start.

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Directed by Mohsin Talat, the first episode of Daasi aired on Hum TV last night and we are already hooked. The episode begins on a dark & sad note with Aahil (Adeel Hussain) burying his father. Daasi is his comeback on TV and what a way to come back it is. Adeel Hussain as Aahil Salahuddin was perfect in his avatar. With his flawless acting skills, he stole the show last night. Playing the aggrieved son, we could see the emotional pain & trauma he was in after losing his father dripping from his actions.

While Aahil is the victim of parental tensions Sunehri, played by Mawra Hocane, is a bubbly, full of life girl . We all are in love with Sunehri, played by Mawra Hocane, with her full of life character. The way she lives her life, facing everything head-on, and with a devil-may-care attitude, has us all smiling. We were pretty excited about the fact that Mawra Hocane & Adeel Hussain are going to be paired up together for the first time. The two characters of Sunehri & Aahil cannot be more different from each other, yet love and pain are what will bring them together.

We get to witness Faryal Mehmood’s exemplary acting skills as Sunehri’s friend who keeps her anchored to the ground whenever Sunehri’s temper flies off the handle. We do see a hint of something happening in her love life as well and we are fervently hoping to see what the story brings.

Hina Bayat plays the role of the betrayed wife & worried mother pretty well. Every woman who has ever been betrayed by her partner would relate with the anger & ire she feels for her husband. So lost in her wrath and indignation for her husband that she doesn’t realize that he is actually dying when she lashes out at him.

We come to know about the rift between Aahil’s parents from the flashbacks of him trying to get his mother to forgive his father since he was on his death bed. The tensions between his parents and finally his father’s death is like the last nail in the coffin for Aahil and he leaves his life of comfort to get away from everything.

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The cinematography of this episode was perfect. Also the camera work in the scenes where we first see the character of Sunehri has to be applauded. The direction of Mohsin Talat was pivotal in bringing all the characters to life. Every scene was well-directed and seemed to flow into one another. Nothing looked forced and seemed natural, yet the air of intrigue and mystery was maintained throughout the episode.

Although Sunehri & Aahil meet in a cliché way and don’t part on good terms, the fact that Aahil is going to be the tenant in Sunehri’s house promises an interesting story for the next episodes. The story felt pretty interesting and we have to say that we are really impressed by the writing skills of Misbah Nosheen (writer of Ishq Tamasha& Ramz e Ishq). The chemistry between Adeel Hussain & Mawra Hocane seems pretty enticing and interesting and seems like we are in for an intriguing ride.

We are excited to see what this duo will bring to the table. What are your thoughts about last night’s episode? Let us know in the comments below!


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