Bhool is another new drama that has begun its run starring Affan Waheed, Saheefa Jabbar Khattak, Saba Hameed, Kashif Mehmood, Nadia Afghan,Salman Shahid,Uzma Gillani and Saboor Aly. The drama has a very strong cast, Affan’s recent hit Do Bol and Saheefa’s Beti has everyone excited for their new project.

First Impression: Surkh Chandini Dares To Be Different

Bhool at first glance is a typical story of a boy and a girl who love each other but society and family will not let them unite. They decide to take the other route and unite. Their rebellion causes havoc in their families as well as their own. Will this be something they can recover from is what Bhool is all about.

The story’s build up is good, the suspense created around the parlor scene is very good and we are kept on our toes throughout. Every actor has performed their part very well and that is probably what makes Bhool engaging. Saheefa’s portrayal of Aiman’s conflicted state is on par.

Affan on the other hand is seen in different role as Awais who loves Aiman but her guilt and sadness is something that irritates him. He seems like someone who is not wholeheartedly sincere and doesn’t really care about his wife’s pain.

Affan Waheed Bhool’s Teaser Highlights Love, Heartbreak & Abandonment

The stage that the first episode has set, it seems that Awais will not remain sincere to Aiman, their conflicts will result in Awais leaving her high and dry. It will be Aiman’s journey alone with her daughter who will grow up to be Saboor Aly.

While the plot of the drama seems very conventional if executed well the drama can prove to be a good entertainer. The drama will be journeying through the life of the characters from youth to old age. In order to maintain the environment of an older time, the drama makes use of elements like old Nokia phones and old cars.

The setting of the drama is very detailed and believable. The way the demographics of the protagonists are revealed is interesting too. I particularly liked the scene in which Affan was introduced, the camera is showing a close up but slowly pans out to reveal his surroundings indicating a class difference between the two.

The director Mohsin Mirza needs to be commended for attention to detail in every scene. The shots taken are very engaging drawing the attention of the viewers throughout the episode. The real challenge will be how this consistency is maintained. While the first two episode introduced the characters and a conflict, as well, the pacing of these episodes was very good.

Affan Waheed to be seen in his first negative role alongside Sanam Jung!

Bhool comes off as a drama that is worth a watch before giving your final verdict. One thing is for sure that this will not be a love story but in fact the story of incomplete and insincere love, making it a mistake for Aiman.


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