Hollywood actor Faran Tahir is in Pakistan for the shooting of a Hollywood film titled “The Window” starring Pakistani actors. Wrong No 2’s star Sami Khan and seasoned actor Faysal Quershi has been signed alongside actor and classical dancer Suhaee Abro.

The film has began its shooting in a village nearby Islamabad. Despite being set against the backdrop of Pakistan, the film will be made in English language.

Here is the synopsis of the film,

“Based in a small village in Pakistan, the story revolves around a 15-year-old Mina who is handed over by village elders as payment for the crime her brother committed. The ruthless man she’s forced to marry keeps her locked inside a small room, her only escape being her imagination and staring out a small window.”

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The intense and heartbreaking narrative sheds light upon on a very serious issue. Such heartrending practices are common in villages where there is a severe lack of awareness.

The film’s poster is out and it is sending chills down our spines! The bold poster captures the pain and suffering of the protagonist in a very artsy and gripping manner that it surely makes for a memorable poster. It appears The Window is sure to be a tragic, grim and chilling film which will haunt us for sure however we are yet to see how well the film makers execute the story. The Window is slated for release in 2020.

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