HBL Pakistan Super League recently released their fourth Anthem. PSL is all set to start from 14th February. The anthem titled Khel Deeewano Ka was sung by the popular heartthrob of millions, Fawad Khan. The anthem garnered a mixed response on social media.

We previously told you that Khel Deewano Ka received more likes than the multifaceted talent Ali Zafar’s last year HBL Anthem, Dil Se Jaan Laga De while it was unable to beat the massive hit of 2016 i.e. Ali Zafar’s Ab Khel Jamay Ga.

However, Fawad Khan’s anthem has now become the most liked anthem of PSL history beating Ali Zafar’s 2016 anthem. However, Fawad Khan’s anthem is still behind Ali Zafar’s song in views.

Fawad Khan

Khel Deewano Ka has received 65000 plus likes so far beating Ab Khel Jammay Ga which has 62000 likes in two years. At the same time Khel Deewano Ka has also become the most disliked anthem of PSL with over 12000 dislikes. Whereas Ab Khel Jamay Ga sung by Ali Zafar has lesser dislikes than 4500 in two years.

Ali Zafar

Ab Khel Jamay Ga is ahead of Khel Deewano Ka in views, as it has over 10 million views compared to only 1.8 million views of Khel Deewano Ka.

Khel Deewano Ka also features well known singer Young Desi. Various people seem to love and dislike the anthem as Fawad Khan’s anthem has become the most liked and the most disliked anthem of PSL!

Watch Fawad Khan’s Anthem here:


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