urwa-hocane Farhan Saeed

ARY Films has announced two new films for 2019. Earlier the production team had announced Sitara in collabration with Waadi Films and Broadway films.

Now they are back with another announcement this time it is one that we have been waiting to hear for quite some time. A while back news broke that Urwa and Farhan had gotten on board with ARY and will be working on a film together.

Now they have released the first look of the film in short clip with colorful graphics, revealing the title and powerhouse behind the project.

The film is titled “Tich Button” Shooting star studios is the duo’s production house, they will be co-producing with ARY Films and Salman Iqbal Films. The script has been penned down by Faiza Iftikhar. Qasim Ali Mureed has taken the director chair.

Much hasn’t been revealed about the project but apparently Feroze Khan is on-board as well! We can anticipate that Farhan may play some role in the music area of the project as well. It would be great if he does create some magical number like he has with his latest OST Hari Hari .

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The theme of the film is termed as a family entertainer with lots of love and laughs. We will have to wait till we get more information but this is certainly something to look forward to this year!


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