Farhan Akthar is a hugely talented actor, singer-songwriter and film director. He has been internationally acclaimed for his work. Apart from working on movies and giving us numerous hits such as Dil Chahta Hai, Lakshya, Don and working in other memorable films, the director and actor has taken time off to work on his upcoming album Echoes.

Speaking about the album, Farhan Akthar said,
“Over the last two years I felt a little bit of a burn-out setting in, just from working on films non-stop. I just felt I needed some time out for myself, to reconnect with other things, to look at where my life’s at – I wanted to channel what I was feeling, and put it out there, just to share with people. And I found that process very cathartic.”

Echoes consists of Farhan’s lifetime experiences, beautifully combining emotion with empathy and soul. ‘Why Couldn’t It Be Me’ is a powerful and emotive journey into the pain of grief and guilt.

Farhan Akthar

Whilst the album is an eclectic musical mix and lyrically focused on love and relationships, the largely acoustic ‘Why Couldn’t It Be Me’ brings an extra dimension to Farhan’s work and has been released during the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, an international campaign to challenge violence against women and girls.

The track is an endeavour to tackle the maltreatment of women in line with his ongoing commitment to use his worldwide profile to spread awareness of gender inequalities.

In addition, the inspiration for the song, ‘Why Couldn’t It Be Me’ majorly came from a tragic event that happened in Peshawar in Pakistan. The APS Attack particularly saddened the singer.

After it happened, Farhan read an article about a mother whose younger son hadn’t gone to school that day because he pretended to be sick. But his older sibling had gone and had been killed in the massacre.

Farhan Akthar

He said,

“When I read that story I thought it must be such a strange dilemma for a young boy – ‘that could have been me in place of my brother.’ So just that thought got me writing, and I wrote Why Couldn’t It Be Me’ from the perspective of that younger brother.”

Farhan Akthar writes his songs himself and has been largely inspried from great Indian musicians such as Kishore Kumar and Ravi Shankar. He is also inspired from western rock and pop musicians such as The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Eric Clapton and David Bowie.

His highly-anticipated debut album Echoes will be coming out on 22nd February.

Watch the song here:


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