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There is no doubt that J.K.Rowling is the maestro of the wizarding world. After giving us the much loved Harry Potter saga she came up with the Fantastic beasts series. While some of the Harry Potter adaption fell short off expectation as they missed out a lot of details. With Fantastic Beasts J.K.Rowling herself wrote the screenplay. So it was expected that movie would be a better reflection of the books.

The sequel hit the theaters this weekend. The trailer seemed tempting enough to go watch the movie.  The story picks up where it left off, with Grindelwald incarcerated in New York. However he manages outsmart the Aurors and escapes effortlessly. The beginning escape and chase sequence is brilliantly executed. The thrill raises expectations of what is to come.

The first half of movie focuses on Newt trying to find Tina, and Jacob comes along to track Queenie. Credence and Nagini are looking for his true identity. Although he was quite a vulnerable obscurer in the first film, he now seems to be more steady and in control.

Grindelwald has his pawns in place and is waiting to get Credence on his side in order to make his next move. He needs him to do what he himself is incapable of doing.We don’t see much of Grindelwald in movie. However his lack of presence isn’t the problem, it is the scenes that he is in that are a major disappointment.

Needless to say Depp as Grindelwald fails to impress as the ultimate villain. He comes off as more of a politician with a hidden agenda trying to increase his legion of followers with smart calculated words. His words of persuasiveness reek of diplomacy but none of evil. At some moments it suffices owing to his attempt to put up a facade of someone who is working for the ‘greater good’. Even so some moments should have been lent to show his true face. Especially the climax of the movie could have be used as defining moment, but it was an opportunity lost.

When he convenes a rally at the Lestrange tomb he was not at all authoritative. Even politician make great speeches, he could have altered the pitch of his voice at occasions to make his presence felt, and let them know he means business.Unfortunately, he just didn’t have the aura of a villain. He didn’t own the room! He didn’t even come off as the leader that he declared himself to be!

On the contrary, Jude law managed to win viewers over as the young Dumbledore. Even though he had comparatively a shorter screen time,he did manage to embrace the role with elegance and grace. Lets hope we get see more of him in the third movie. Eddie Redmayne as Newt knew his way around the movie.

The sets, graphics and visual effects were completely magical.There was also romance along with some funny moments for the viewers pleasure. The first half was a bit of drag but the movie gains momentum in the second half. The background score is very engaging and there is a bit of nostalgia involved as well. The direction and execution is quite brilliant.

The characters have chosen sides and some are rather unexpected.The movie unravels Dumbledore’s past. Newt manages to bag another rare beast in his case, and also gets shows off his existing collection.The relationships among characters has been given quite some focus . We are introduced to some new characters including Newt’s brother. There weren’t any major developments throughout the film expect at the end. All in all not as impressive as the first one (story wise) but definitely left me wanting to see more. With quite a few revelation the sequel has  posed a lot of questions as well. The most important one being the story behind Grindelwald’s and Dumbeldore’s rivalry. Let’s hope the third one has more to offer!

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