Mahira Khan and Bilal Ashraf starrer Superstar has been making waves with its song Bekaraan and trailer. The movie dropped it second track from the film which is also a romantic track “In Dinon” sung by the Atif Aslam. Atif is known for his romantic tracks and has once again created magic with In Dinon.

Superstar trailer review

The music video features the protagonist in the soulful melody. The first thing that catches the eye is the the gorgeous locations and sets. The two are seen sitting in a on a stage surrounded by wooden carved structure and as the song progress we see beautiful northern locations.

Composed by Azaan Sami Khan and Saad Sultan, the vocals are very beautiful and so are the lyrics. The two share a beautiful chemistry that makes the song all the more heartening and romantic. In Dinon struck a chord in our hearts. In Dinon will bring out your inner romantic, it is without doubt the best romantic track from the recent movies.

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Watch the song here:

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