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There is a new drama on the horizon and it has some prominent names from the drama industry. Gold Bridge Media is bringing a brand new serial that will be airing on TV One. The drama features the Ishq Tamasha actor Kinza Hashmi along with the forever handsome Faisal Rehman. Currently we are seeing him in HUM TV’s Aatish.

The project is being directed by the Salakhain film maker Shahzad Rafique. We had Faisal in our studio to find out more about the drama and his character.

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Waiting to exhale……

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Your role in the serial seems negative. What made you say yes to the project?

When Gold Bridge approached me and narrated the story to me, it resonated with me. The reason was that the kind of role that was being offered was the kind of person that I am these day (he said mischievously), I can call myself dirty old man, so that was the type of role in the serial.So i thought I can play this role very well. I have tried my best to essay the role, well lets see.

How was your experience working with Shahzad Rafique?

This was my first project with him, although we have been acquainted for quite some time now, however I never had the chance to work with him before this.He is one of those directors who doesn’t leave his focus, he brings out the romance in the story, the people and the actors, so I was very excited to work with him. When I started working I realized that Shahzad does not compromise when it comes to work, he has excellent understanding of how a scene works. I had a great time working with him. We also reminisced on old times as we both come from the same film background. So it was a lot of fun!”

Check out the exclusive teaser of the drama and Faisal’s conversation here!


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