Looks like there is a bad actor campaign going on in the entertainment industry. It started with Hina Altaf terming Muneeb Butt a bad actor, then Mahmood Aslam calling Hamza Ali Abbasi a bad actor. Now Firdous Jamal has taken a dig at the biggest star of the industry Mahira Khan.

Mahira Khan & Bilal Ashraf’s Galat Fehmi is Heartbreaking

Firdous Jamal’s comments on Fayasal’s Qureshi’s show about Mahira Khan got the entire social media talking. The veteran actor was asked his opinion when Mahira’s picture was shown and he was of the view that

“She is not heroine material she is a mediocre model. She is not a good actress and not a heroine.”

He went on to make an ageist comment about the 34 year old star :

“She is old and in this age she should be playing role of a mother not heroine”

Faisal look very surprised on his comments. Before the Romeo Weds Heer actor could give his comments, Faisal mentioned that he wished this year Mahira Khan’s films become a hit as none of her films have not been a hit so far.

After this video went online many started backlash against Faisal and the network. The actor/ host took it to Twitter to address the grievance of Mahira’s fans :

Firdous Jamal is a well reputed actor who has been part of many hit serials over the years including Waris and Pyarey Afzal. Where as Mahira Khan is a much loved actress who is busy promoting her upcoming Eid film Superstar alongside Bilal Ashraf. The trailer and songs from the film look very promising and look like we are in for a treat.

What are your thoughts on this?


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  1. israr July 27, 2019

    simple these men cant tolerate that a successful woman, who at present is the biggest superstar and has the maximum box office pull. she is able to say no to playing second fiddle to movies like pnj, jpna and take the risk of carrying the film on her shoulder. Also the fact ary has pare hut love to promote they would really like anything that bring other two movies down so why not use sexism to bring mahira down