Recently Saqib Malik directorial film Baaji was screened at the Mosaic International South Asian Film Festival.The film came out as a winner as the film won the Grand Jury Prize. Not only this Nayyer Ejaz who played star maker Chand Kamal also won the award for best supporting actor.

Breaking: Baaji Wins Big at Mosaic Film Festival in Canada

We reached out to the veteran actor to congratulate him on putting yet another feather in his cap. We also asked him what he has to say about the success of the film at the local box office:

“In our country whenever a good film has been made it has done good business, people have taken notice of it and they have seen it.Same is the case with Baaji. Baaji is a good film, people are going to the cinemas to watch it. The character that I have essayed in the film, it has appealed to the audience. If every film has a character that has been created skillfully then people will enjoy it. People are getting entertained that is why they are watching it and even up till now it has held its own and is doing business at the box office”

We also asked him for a comment on his latest achievement and international recognition for his role in Baaji. The actor raised a very valid point as a response that has us thinking!

” First of all Baaji film has been made by Saqib Malik, with a lot of passion, and with great beauty, and people have liked it. I’m very happy that I received the award for best supporting actor at the film festival. I would like to Thank them for giving me this award. In my opinion the people over there who were watching the film they were watching it with their eyes and ears open(they were paying attention) otherwise over here people are not much mindful when it comes to me”

His character Chand Kamal was one of the best roles in the films. He is a versatile actor who has often stunned us with his wide range of avatars. But like the actor mentioned he has not received the due appreciation for his work in Pakistan. His comment does raise a valid question as to when will our industry start giving regard to its evergreen talent?

Baaji Box office collection

We wish him our heartiest congratulations. This is certainly a big achievement not just for the actor and director but also for the Pakistani cinema on the whole. Pakistani cinema has been represented in a positive light through Baaji at an international platform and we hope more films can succeed in doing so in the future.


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