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With successful dramas like Diyaar-e-Dil and Khas to his name Ali Rehman Khan has come a long way since his Janaan days. Be it dramas or films the actor has excelled in both. After starring together in Parchi the actor is back with Hareem Farooq with his latest film Heer Maan Ja. We sat down with the actor to talk about the film and his on-screen chemistry with Hareem Farooq.

Ali plays an established sophisticated architect Kabir, who get into trouble. We started off by asking Ali what he loved about his character.

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“He has this idea of his dystopian world where he is doing very well but his bad luck always comes in the way. Things are going well but suddenly something bad happens.I enjoy that part about Kabir. He is a nice guy at heart and when something bad happens to him he cannot figure what to do, how this happened, and why always him. So on one hand he is very successful and doing very well, but his bad luck goes hand in hand with his success.”

While Ali enjoyed the character Kabir, there is nothing in that character that he can relate to personally. Hareem and Ali share a great on-screen chemistry. Tough they have done Parchi before as well, this time around their characters and relationship is very different. Talking about Hareem Ali shared the advantage of having a co-star who is a great friend as well,

“I mean we already have a great chemistry because we are great friends. We are comfortable with each other. When you are that comfortable with an actor you talk about how you are going to perform a certain scene.You can talk about what level of intensity you are going to needing in a scene.”

Talking about romancing with Hareem on-screen Ali explained how it was weird for both of them

“With that being said obviously it is awkward to romance, we are very close friends.For us to be romantic in scenes was sometimes very hard to do because we did not believe each other. Both us would start laughing, you know it feels so weird.It feels so unnatural if you start romancing with a friend. Of course there are embarrassing moments when we waited that it ends soon. But at the end of the day we are actors and professionals, we have to get work done.”

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