Epk gave this breaking news earlier this month that Amar Khan and Adnan Siddique are collaborating for a film. After the immense success of Mahira Khan starrer Superstar, director Ehteshamduddin is not planning on slowing down. The director has his next film planned as well. Moreover the lovely Amar Khan is behind the script of the movie as well as the female lead in the film. The film is being produced under the banner Cereal Production which is run by seasoned actor Adnan Siddique and Akhtar Hussnain.

Exclusive: Adnan Siddique & Amar Khan Collaborating For A Film!

The film will be starring television’s favorite hero and Ranjha Ranjha Kardi star Imran Ashraf in lead role. Dam Mastam will mark the versatile actor’s debut on silver screen alongside the gorgeous Amar Khan. We are currently seeing Belapur Ki Dayan famed Amar Khan in Dil-e-Ghumshuda. The actress has managed to leave a mark in drama industry in a short time span, which is why we look forward to seeing her on silver screen now.

We reached out to the producer and versatile actor Adnan Siddique to find out more about the film. Adnan stressed on the fact that with Dum Mastam the screenplay has been something they focused on the most,

Content wise I believe this will be a full throttle-game changer for Pakistani cinema,a mix of romance and comedy in the most connecting way. I have been not just an actor but a keen observer having worked in Hollywood,Bollywood/Lollywood and have learnt your first film is your first impression, so more then anything the Story needs to be the king.We are not going run of the mill,its a fresh pairing and good screenplay combo”

Adnan Siddique

While speaking exclusively to Epk Amar Khan shared her excitement about the film, which will not only be her silver screen debut but is also her script.

We are looking forward to bringing to the audience a story that is entertaining yet effective at the same time. We have not compromised on the screenplay. I have been working on the story for the past two and a half year.I have written story, dialogues and screenplay.

Amar Khan

Dam Mastam stars Sohail Ahmed, Salim Meraj, Tipu and Momin Saqib. We had also revealed that the film will be shot in Lahore. Amar further elaborated on the location and theme of the film as well.

It is a Punjab-centric film, when I say Punjab I mean Androon Lahore . So some of the shoot will take place in Lahore and 40-50 % of the shoot will be done in Karachi.It is a rom-com intense love story yet at the same time staying true to Punjabi trait of humor as well. It is very rooted, very indigenous.

Amar Khan

Amar didn’t reveal much about the characters at the moment except that even the supporting characters are also very interesting.

It is a fresh pairing which will be a pleasant delight for the audiences in conjunction with a story line which is very believable and relatable. Our youth in particular will enjoy the crackling chemistry between the boy from Androon Lahore and fiery gal.

Amar Khan

The film will feature music by Azaan Sami Khan, Shani Arshad is composing the background score, where as Shiraz Uppal and Bilal Saeed will be lending their voice for the songs of the film as well. Dam Mastam is slated for release in 2020 as well.


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