Mikaal Zulfiqar and Armeena Khan starrer SherDil released earlier in the first quarter of 2019. First quarter is always a dull fare at the ticket windows yet SherDil turned out to be a good runner at the box office and the film stands tall as the 5th highest grossing Pakistani film of 2019. Only films ahead are the four Eid releases which make it the highest grossing non-Eid Pakistani film of 2019.

After having a very solid run at the domestic market, SherDil is now venturing into a new market! Recently the film had a screening in Russia at “Moscow Film Festiva”l and became the second Pakistani film after Teefa In Trouble to have a screening in Russia. Talking exclusively to Epk, Nauman Khan, the producer and writer of the film shared this exciting news along with his future plans for the film!

“SherDil has been brought to Moscow Film Festival and it was screened here. There were 350 people in the hall and the show was a houseful. 35-40% of those people were Russians.” said Nauman Khan.

Nauman Khan further talked about the importance of Russian market as he spoke to us about how the people in Russia are film loving nation. He also also told that many people in Russia watch Indian films.

“We usually release film in international markets keeping in mind the Pakistani community. I found out something very interesting and surprising here. In Russia due to communism, entertainment and art has been made very limited.So whenever an Indian film is released it is warmly welcomed. We usually don’t come to Russia considering it an unknown land but people here are quite hungry for entertainment. When an Indian film opens here then first day audience is 10% Russian and 90% Indian, but by the end of the weekend the Russian footfall climbs up to 50%.They are so fond of films” .

Moreover the producer also revealed another good news.Besides the screening at Moscow film festival, he is also planning on releasing Sherdil all across Russia early next year!

“We are going to release SherDil across Russia and for that we are aiming to put in efforts early next year (February), I have already spoken to Council General and sponsors here. It will be a great thing if we can release Pakistani films in Russia I am glad this is being well received here in Russia and people of Pakistan as well. More film makers should come here .” said Nauman Khan

This means SherDil will be having a full theatrical release in Russia in February 2020 and we hope that in future we see more Pakistani films making their way to Russian market. The coveted Moscow Film Festival was also attended by Pakistani actor Faysal Qureshi and other fraternity members as well.


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