Sarmad Khoosat’s film Zindagi Tamasha is in a tragic state of limbo. The film has been put on hold for what appears to be an indefinite amount of time. The film awaits its judgement from the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII), which was previously roped in by the federal government for reviewing Zindagi Tamasha. However, as per our sources, no date for review has been allocated to Zindagi Tamasha even now.

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Zindagi Tamasha has been painfully stranded at a point where it will perhaps never reach a conclusion until or unless government plays its part and rescues the film.

If there was anything controversial in the film, surely Zindagi Tamasha would have not cleared all three censor boards twice. Despite clearing all the legalities, the film has now been left at the mercy of Council of Islamic Ideology, an institution which was never meant to review films. It is not their function to review films.

We would urge the government once again not to let Zindagi Tamasha become a tragic example where artistic expression is muffled due to the ignorance of some. If the a film is silenced now, what will stop more films from meeting with a similar fate in future?

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