Saqib Malik’s directorial Baaji starring Meera, Amna Ilyas, Osman Khalid Butt and Ali Kazmi is going strong at the box office in Pakistan. The film received praise in Pakistan but now it has been selected for the Mosaic International South Asian Film Festival. The film festival takes place in Canada and Baaji is up for winning among other films.

Baaji Box Office Collections

We reached out to the director who flew over to Toronto to attend the festival along with Ali Kazmi. Speaking exclusively to Epk before the screening Saqib Malik seemed very thrilled. Talking about his expectations from the screening he said

“We are expecting a huge presence as already most of the tickets are sold out. Ali Kazmi and I will be here talking about the film and seeing it with the festival audience as well as with the festival audience who missed it earlier.”

The film is still running in cinemas in Pakistan and the box office performance has been great. Now the film will be representing Pakaistani cinema at international level.

“I am very proud to be here because Baaji is being presented at the MISAFF and it up for the awards so that is a big thing. MISAFF is a well recognized film festival for South Asian cinema and it is known for showing cutting edge films, so it a privilege that not only is Baaji being shown here but it is also being held under competition.The film was screened on August 2 at 8 PM at the Mississauga Cineplex. We are very lucky to have a prime spot at the biggest theater of this chain in the city.”

What are your expectations for Baaji after the screening?

We are hoping to win something big and bring back an award,if not, it doesn’t matter the fact that we got recognized and we were asked to bring our film over here is great . I hope it is the beginning of many other festivals. Meanwhile our films continue to run in Pakistan now entering it sixth week and has decent amount of shows. InshaAllah we will be running through Eid, so you can say that Baaji has a long shelf life.”

Baaji is a women-centric film with hardcore masla-Osman Khali Butt

The film is from 1 August to 4 August. We wish the team of Baaji all the best for the festival.


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