This Eid is going to be colorful, lavish, vibrant and aesthetically pleasing, that is if you plan on heading out to the cinemas! Parey Hut Love is all geared up to entertain us this Eid and it will surely be an elaborate festive affair.

Though the cast and trailer already had us convinced, the music that has followed has our heart. There is a variety for all moods and occasions. The music of Parey Hut Love is surely a crowd-pleaser and many will be flocking to the cinemas this Eid to check out on the big screen.

While the team is busy promoting the film we caught up with the protagonist and producer of the film Sheheryar Munawar to tell us more about the music. The fifth track of the film just released today. So we started off by asking Sheheryar about it.

Balama Bagora is foot tapping track with a bit of old school type touch What can you tell us about it?

We are supremely excited about this one that is why we kept it for the last. It is unlike the rest of the film, it is a promotional song firstly and the flavor of the song is slightly more fun. It is basically the main cast getting together and having fun. You will see that this was essentially the idea for us to get together and have a little bit of fun. I hope that shows on-screen. Even if it shows half as much fun as we had while shooting it then it has done its job.

Sheheryar was all praises for Aima and the composition by Azaan Sami Khan, he also had something very interesting to share about himself and Ahmed Ali Butt as well.

Aima Baig has sung it who has a beautiful voice, Asim has written the lyrics that are very quirky.It has a very feminist sort of angle to it, in the sense that it is the woman talking about in history its men who always run away from love and then get glorified for it.

It has me and Ahmed Ali Butt rapping as well. There are two portions of rap, Ahmed is an amazing rapper already but it was the first time for me, so it was bit scary. However Asim, Azaan and Butt all provided moral support and I got it done. It is really fun you will see the lead couple of the film romancing each other and having fun.

The song just released and it is surely quirky, fun dance number. Check it out below and our review on it will be out shortly.


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