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The upcoming year will see release of film Dhai Chaal which follows the events of Indian spy Kulbashan Jadhav and chaos that was created in the Balochistan region due to him. The breaking news of the film was given by Epk back in September, giving an exclusive quote from the producer Dr Irfan Ashraf about the film. The producer had revealed that Saba Qamar and Shamoon Abassi along with Adnan Shah Tipu and Rasheed Naz are part of the cast.

“Ayesha Omer Is The Leading Lady in Dhai Chaal”, says Producer Dr Irfan Ashraf

However at the time Saba Qamar denied the news, whereas Shamoon claimed that his involvement was not certain at the moment. The latest on the film is that Shamoon Abbasi, Ayesha Omar and Humayun Ashraf have joined the cast for real! We reached out to the “Durj” actor to find out more about the film and his character!

Shamoon Abbasi and Ayesha Omar from Dhai Chaal
Shamoon Abbasi and Ayesha Omar from Dhai Chaal

Shamoon Abbasi is playing the ‘antagonist’ in the film. His character is that of an Indian Spy and revolves around the events of the RAW agent “Kulbashan Jadhav”. For Durj he had undergone an impressive transformation in terms of looks. So naturally we asked him about the looks he will donning for the character. Talking about his character in Dhai Chaal, Shamoon Abbasi revealed something very interesting!

“In this film director didn’t want to show the actual and factual look of Kulbushan so he insisted on keeping it open in terms of looks. My character and the events in the film will be based on his strategy and plans that he applied to create chaos in Balochistan”

Talking about Ayesha Omar’s character Shamoon Abbasi revealed that “She is paired with me in the film”

The film is based on students and the lives of the people in Balochistan. How much they had to sacrifice for the sake of restoration of peace in the region. Ayesha Omar is playing a journalist from Balochistan. Where as Humayun Ashraf is playing the protagonist in the film!

Humayun Ashraf the protagonist in Dhai Chaal

Talking to Epk Humayun revealed that he will be “starting shoot today i.e 12 November in Quetta.”

Dhai Chaal is referred to the knight’s move in chess. The film is being helmed by Taimur Shirazi and is written by Faiza Choudhry. Dhai Chaal is expected to release early 2020 in February. There are more updates to come from Dhai Chaal. So keep an eye out of this space for latest news from the world of Entertainment !

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