Shamoon Abbasi’s Horror thriller “Durj is going to see an international release in October however it will not release in Pakistan. The film is based on true events of cannibalism. The chilling theme is truly what nightmares are made of. The film garnered a lot of awe on its trailer however the Shamoon Abbasi and Maira Khan starrer will not be releasing in Pakistan.

Durj: a good intentioned nightmare

We asked the actor and film maker Shamoon Abbasi to explain the matter to us. Shamoon Abbasi gave a very detailed and intriguing answer.

He said, “Take the analogy of a scrumptious Biryani. Suppose you cook it and your family members say that they want to eat Nihari instead. They take the Biryani for granted. In such a case, you would not want to waste the Biryani either. You will give it to your neighbors, the poor or find any one who is hungry. So likewise, Durj is receiving much more appreciation from the rest of the world than from Pakistan. It is being appreciated worldwide and I am not just saying this, you can check that by doing a little research.

Exclusive on Durj: Location and cinematography


“The distributors from abroad are supporting Durj very much.” He continued. “All of Gulf, Usa, UK and Canada have shown a lot of appreciation. The distributors say that it gets very embarrassing for them to sit and watch Bollywood inspired Pakistani films with Indians. They say Durj is original. It is partially based on true events and its employs good film making”

“Therefore Durj will release worldwide in October except for Pakistan. Its a common phenomenon for Pakistan to respect something a little more, once it gets a stamp of acceptance from abroad. After a few months, when Pakistan asks for Durj, it will release in Pakistan.

From the sets of Durj
From the sets of Durj

If they do not ask for Durj then there is rest of the world out there for us. We will have to apologize to the Pakistani audiences or we will screen it in Pakistan for free. I will screen it for free for my countryfellows. I will go to universities and screen it free for for students. I will hire and arrange a screening.

Rahat Fateh Ali’s film announcement has left us with throbbing questions

This has to be done in order to bring change for the betterment. Its a risk we are all willing to take for Durj. The point of Durj was never to earn money but to earn respect and acclaim worldwide.”

Durj will be distributed by Zashko films in US, UK and Canada. It will be distributed by ABA Associates in UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Omaan and Qatar. The film will release on 11 October.


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  1. annie May 25, 2019

    I was a film student and I have attended cannes many times , please get your information and facts right. DURJ is not part of Cannes the list of films selected are below: has had a private screening where they must have paid $1000 our more, it is not in the competition category anyone can pay and screen their films with the hope of international interest, good new for all filmmakers in Pakistan. standing outside a hotel with a poster of your film does not mean you are part of Cannes, show us the red carpet.I am not putting anyone down…but we as Pakistanis have a responsibility….we are already known worldwide as liars and crooks…Cannes has very extreme copyright and legal concerns and our name could be dragged in just for one person’s marketing propaganda, if you visit the site the logo which has been used on the invites posted on instagram are legally protected, please retract or share some proof as anyone can create a badge and an invite on social media, Please understand legal action can be taken against you for promoting false propaganda and the film makers and we as Pakistanis don’t want another scandal on us….link below by international Director and producer Ray Brady with 29 wins and 59 nominations, explains Cannes film festival and how private screening works… Reply