Sarmad Khoosat on zindagi tamsha music and Kamli

Year 2020 will be a good year for multi-talented Sarmad Khoosat as he is coming out with not one but two films! Sarmad Khoosat is coming back to silver screens and is in the director’s chair after his 2015 directorial debut Manto. Manto not only received critical acclaim but turned out to be a success at box office.

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Fast forward to 2020, the first film to be released is Khoosat’s social drama Zindagi Tamasha. The film stars Arif Hussain, Samiya Mumtaz, Eman Suleman and Ali Kureshi. It was recently screened at Busan Film Festival in South Korea, where the film received a lot of acclaim. Moreover it was honored with Kim Ji-Seok Award. Now Zindagi Tamasha is all set to make its theatrical release in Pakistan. The film is slated to release on 24th January.

With Zindagi Tamasha all set for release, we reached out to the director to get the latest on his films. Talking exclusively to Epk, Sarmad revealed details about the music of Zindagi Tamasha,

The first song of Zindagi Tamasha, which is in fact the major audio track from the film, is Pir Mehr Ali Shah’s naat. We have recomposed it for the film’s soundtrack. It is being performed by Saakin band. We are planning on releasing it on 12 Rabbi-ul-Awal InshaAllah. It is also the promotional track for the film. We will be shooting the promotional video in the coming days as well.”

This means the audio track will be releasing on 10 November 2019. We then asked him about his second film Kamli, which Sarmad is currently busy shooting. For Kamli he didn’t reveal much at the moment,

” We are done with the first spell of Kamli. It was an outdoor shoot and now will be moving on to the second spell soon!”

Produced and distributed by IMGC, Kamli is one of the major films of 2020.
The distributor IMGC is planning their release schedule for the upcoming year. And they have big plans for Khoosat’s film. As of now, Kamli is slated to hit screens on Eid-ul-Fitr!

Keep an eye out this space as we bring you more updates on these films!

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