Epk previously broke the news that a new comedy film titled “Zubaida Mard Bun” was on the cards, back in September 2019. The film is written by Chupan Chupai director Mohsin Ali and it is being helmed by Saqib Khan. Hassan Zia will be producing the film.

Pakistani Cinema broke the news that celebrated actress Saba Qamar has been signed as the leading lady of the film, about 2 days ago. The news has since been making rounds on the internet. As per our sources, the film makers Hassan Zia and Mohsin Ali recently came to Lahore to give the narration of the film to Saba, who then boarded the film.

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The film is titled, “Zubaida Mard Bun” however the title of the film will be changed as the film makers have decided that this title may appear too sexist. Therefore, they want a title that respects everyone’s views.

Hassan Zia has collaborated with IMGC several times in the past. One would have assumed that this film will also be given to IMGC however as per our sources this film is being given to Nuplex. At this point we are not sure if Jameel Baig, the owner of Nuplex cinemas will only be distributing or also be co-producing the film. As per our sources, he is a co-producer on this project however this is unconfirmed news.

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Epk has always suggested that cinema owners should venture into production. Therefore, it will certainly be great news if Jameel Baig co-produces this film.

Jameel Baig owns two multiplexes in Karachi, one of which is situated on Rashid Minhas road while the other one is in Dha. Nuplex is the largest and the most successful chain of cinemas in Pakistan. In addition, Jameel Baig is a well reputed exhibitor.


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