PISA was a poorly organised fiasco. The award function which recently took place in Dubai came under fire before the event even took place. Now that the award show has taken place, celebrities who were present at the award show are opening up to us regarding their dreadful experience with PISA. It appears that not only did PISA fail to fulfill commitments to those whom they abandoned in Pakistan, they also couldn’t provide an amicable experience to the celebrities in attendance, as they failed to organize their on-ground activities well.

It Is A Disgrace How PISA Awards Ignored Nominated Veterans!

The fancy award function hosted the crème de la crème of the Pakistani entertainment industry at the Coca-Cola Arena. Seemingly, the night was glitzy and pleasant! However, while talking to Epk, many celebrities who attended PISA have narrated their awful experiences which tell a completely different story.

What the general public doesn’t know is that Pakistan’s heartthrob Fawad Khan did travel to Dubai for attending PISA! However, he refused to attend the show as the organizers failed to fulfill their financial commitment to him. As per our sources, they wanted to make a partial payment to him while he was promised the rest to be given to him in Pakistan. However, the actor chose not to attend the event until he was paid as committed. Although we could not verify the news from Fawad Khan, however this is true as per our sources.

According to some of the attendees of the show, the performances were also poorly choreographed and they were awful in most cases. In addition, there was a gap of about 10-15 minutes in between all performances, which led to a lot of time waste! This was also a huge blow because it turns out, the show was running short on time!

This is because Pakistani celebrities are in a habit of reaching late. The award function which was meant to begin at 7 pm, began at 10 pm as all stars reached late. The award show which was being held in Coca-Cola Arena, was bounded by the timings of the arena, however to much disappointment, celebrities behaved like they behave at award functions in Pakistan. While award functions in Pakistan can go on late, shows abroad have specific timings. The award was scheduled to end at 12 pm, however the organizers had to request the owners to let it go on till 1 pm. Even then some of the major performances of the night were left out.

Popular band Strings and everyone’s favorite singer Ali Zafar were scheduled to perform but due to shortage of time, they couldn’t perform!

Sara Loren’s Dance Performance at Pisa Awards Enchants the Crowd

Recently, Zara Noor Abbas also disclosed on her Instagram that she was told that she is winning an award however due to some unfortunate event which occurred, her category couldn’t be announced! Which also highlights another major management issue. Celebs who were scheduled to win, couldn’t get their awards because of shortage of time! PISA also introduced a number of ridiculous new categories such as the best YouTuber, Instagram Influencer/Blogger, Prankster YouTuber and Vlogger etc. Such categories are unheard of in award functions of film and TV. It seemed like PISA felt obliged to give awards to everyone, so that they speak well of them later and therefore they devised the new categories. In addition, they nominated about 8-10 people in most of the categories, which is again ridiculous! Award shows worldwide including Oscars, tend to give out about 4-5 nominations for each category. PISA’s absurd number of nominations seemed like a tactic to get as many people to come as possible.

Zara Noor’s Revelation That PISA Informed Her Of Her Win Beforehand, Reflects The Worrisome State Of Our Award Shows

Nevertheless, some of the actors who did make it to the show, complimented the organizers’ hospitality in Dubai. They said that their stay was congenial and that they commuted with ease. The actors stayed at the Palazzo Versace Dubai, while they also traveled in Dubai with protocol. This was certainly very nice and credit should be given to them for where it is due.

It turns out that Faisal Khan, the organizer of PISA took the initiative of PISA after Pakistanis were banned from working in Bollywood, India. He has a background of arranging Indian Masala awards in Dubai and it was after he was let go of from Masala Awards, that Faisal Khan decided that Pakistan should hold their own award functions in Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai. He wanted to prove that Pakistani awards can also do well in Dubai however, the entire function emerged as a fiasco as he failed to put together a professional team. His representative in Pakistan, Body Beat’s owner Hassan Rizvi was unfortunately also an inexperienced organizer as he had no experience in arranging award functions before. Hassan Rizvi is likely to suffer the most in future as well as he was dealing with all of the celebrities in Pakistan.

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