The promising romantic comedy Heer Maan Ja releases this Eid-ul-Azha. The IRK and Arif Lakhani film recently released its first teaser which was quite a spectacle! Ever since the teaser, people have been eager to see more.

Epk got a hold of one of the producers of the film, Arif Lakhani to find out more! The producer gave us insight on the film’s plot and characters to satiate people’s curiosity!

Heer Maan Ja Is A Sensible Comedy Of Recent Times Says Producer

“The film starts off with an unfortunate event. The events that follow, all link back to that one event. Hareem Farooq’s character is very diverse. You have only seen one shade of her character in the teaser. Her character has variations. Ali Rehman’s look is very different in this film. He is a well established architect. ” Revealed the producer.

“Apart from the lead actors, the film has a lot of roles involved. This is going to be Abid Ali’s first film after a very long time. We had to convince him to come on board. He is going to be playing a father.” He added.

“Mojiz Hasan who also played a part in Parchi, is playing a very important part. My prediction is that after this film, he will become the Nanha of Pakistani film and Tv industry. Faizan Sheikh is playing a negative, his is a very important role as you saw in the teaser. Amina Sheikh is someone who needs no introduction, again she is also playing a pivotal role in the film.

Heer Maan Ja’s Teaser Is Throbbing With Potential

Saleem Miraj is another very important role. The film also stars Parwaz Hai Junoon star Shaz Ali Khan and you will probably get to see him in the next teaser. Laal Kabootar star Ahmed Ali Akbar is also a part of the cast. Ali Kazmi is a pure hero material, he is a very diverse actor who does every role well. His role is very funny, and his part in the next teaser will keep you laughing.

You may and may have not recognized Mikaal Zulfiqar’s character in the teaser, he is also playing a part. Zara Sheikh is the other lady in this movie, returning to Lollywood after very long. She will be making her comeback in this film. She will be dancing on a Shadi number.” revealed, producer Arif Lakhani.

Heer Maan Ja Teaser Creating Impact On Youtube

With such an amusing array of diverse and talented actors on board, we are surely excited for this film!


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