The romantic comedy Heer Maan Ja has garnered a decent hype on its teaser. The Hareem Farooq and Ali Rehman starrer has been helmed by Parchi director Azfar Jaffri and is being produced by Arif Lakhani and IRK films.

Reflecting upon the business aspect of films, the producer Arif Lakhani said, “It is difficult to make money out of films because Pakistan has less cinemas. We now have about 150 cinemas while our neighbors have 8 thousand cinemas. During partition we had 400-500 screens. So the element of making money is largely missing from our film industry however I feel that the ones who lay the foundations of any industry are recognized for being the initiators instead of being the ones who make a lot of money. I think we are one of those people.”

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Hareem Farooq and Ali Rehman Khan back in Heer Maan Ja
Hareem Farooq and Ali Rehman Khan

Heer Maan Ja is an ambitious project which employs a hefty cost. Talking about the cost of the film, the producer revealed, “One thing that people tend to say a lot after seeing Irk films i.e Janaan and Parchi, is that the film is very good but its made on a small budget. In contrast to Parchi and Janaan, we have gone way above and beyond with Heer Maan Ja, to a level where I can claim that the cost of Heer Maan Ja is more than the combined cost of both Parchi and Janaan. Meaning if the cost of Janaan was 1 and Parchi was 2, then the cost of Heer Maan Ja is 4. “

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He further added, “So the film is totally packed with glamorous views and visions which hopefully the public will see for themselves. We can spend hefty amounts but the idea is to spend where necessary and we did spend.”

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Heer Maan Ja is slated for release on Eid Ul Azha.


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