Durj, a Shamoon Abbasi film, has caught everyone’s attention with its powerful script based on real events of cannibalism in Pakistan. We recently bought to you, Shamoon Abbasi’s exclusive interview where he talked about the name, theme, cast, and the journey of Durj.

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We are back with exclusive details on the location and the technicalities of this film!

We all could not help, but notice the scenery that unfolded before our eyes in the trailer of Durj. The beautiful mountainous terrain where the movie has been shot is a strikingly pleasing sight! Shamoon Abbasi told us that the locations used in this film are local. He told us that he feels that when it comes to shooting, everyone treats Pakistan as a secondary option whereas Pakistan is actually beautiful. The shooting of Durj has been done in Baluchistan and in the radius of 1000km around it.

He mentioned that he was deliberate in wanting to scale upon our greenery and mountains. They traveled for 500/600 km daily to get to the location! The team has been very particular about every detail of this film. Shamoon Abbasi has deliberately used all locations in his films which he believed were breathtaking and fitting to the storyline.

Baluchistan district has been very cooperative with them in this regard, they not only allowed them to shoot the film there, they also provided them with security.


The beautiful scenery behind the actors is a feast!


In addition, the film has been gorgeously directed. The multi-talented actor, Shamoon Abbasi has worked on the cinematography of the film himself, while he hired new guys for handling camera operations. He stated that he could not afford hiring a Dop as he could not provide them the leisure, they would ask for and also because the shooting had to be aggressive.


A shot of Shamoon Abbasi and Sherry Shah


The grading of the film has been done in Milan and Pakistan. The music of this film has been composed by Asif Noorani. Blunt media did the graphics.

Shamoon Abbasi also talked about the hard work that was put into writing the script of the film. The film’s script was drafted 7 times before reaching its final version. The process tired many and caused rifts between them. Therefore, some people chose to walk out on the film. However, in the end all worked in favour of the film. The actor/director is pleased with the outcome and said that many will now regret walking out on such a film.



The film’s release date is yet to be confirmed. Watch the trailer here:


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