mohsin abbas haider, nazish jehangir

Following the allegations of domestic abuse on Mohsin Abbas Haider was also accused of cheating by his wife Fatema Sohail. The women who was linked to him was actress Nazish Jahangir. Though both denied it a few days back rumors circulated that they may just be getting married.

Breaking:Mohsin Abbas Haider Claims Allegations Rendered False in Court!

We reached out to Mohsin to find out if there was any truth to this or not. Talking exclusively to Epk Mohsin denied any such news.

“I am very disappointed with my fraternity, media, and ‘modern bloggers’ that they do not investigate the matter.When this propaganda against me started even they spread the news without investigating and also started giving out verdicts for me as well.My own co-workers gave out judgement.”

Expressing his disappointment with media he urged them to be more responsible when reporting an incident

“This is very irresponsible of them to spread the news that I am getting married. Only one journalist called me to ask if it is true or not.Whenever I do get married it will be done in respectful manner and will announced as well. It was a comment that was manipulated in this way.”

Nazish Jahangir also took it to her Instagram account to respond to this news as well

Mohsin Abbas Haider Found Guilty of Criminal Intimidation -Fatima Sohail


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