Exclusive Minal Khan and Faizan Khawaja coming back with Qismat

There is a new drama being helmed and we have some interesting news to share. The Ishq Tamsha star Faizan Khawaja and the gorgeous Minal Khan are coming back to share screen once more in lead roles. The two have previously starred together in HUM TV’s Ki Jaana Mein Kon.

The upcoming drama is also under the wing of HUM TV and is titled “Qismat”. The cast of the project also includes Kamran Jillani and Shaheen Khan. We reached out to the very talented and versatile Faizan Khawaja to get some insights on the exciting new drama!

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Can you tell us something about your character?

My character is a fun loving young guy studying in Australia. He is a jolly family loving and affectionate guy. He loves his older brother more than anything in the world. He falls in love with Minal’s character, however she in love with someone else. He sacrifices his love for her happiness.

You have previously worked with Minal. How different is the relationship between your characters in Qismat?

Our relationship is different this time because it’s a new story altogether, with new situations.

How is Minal as a co star?

Minal is one of my favorite co-stars to work with. She has a very soothing vibe. Her vibrant personality makes the set environment very easy to work with.

Faizan Khawaja and Minal Khan

What can audience expect from the drama?

Audience should expect the same twists, turns and tumbles that they got in “Ki Jana Main Kon”

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While this is exciting for all you drama buffs out there, another interesting feature in the drama is that the Chairman Sindh Censor Board will also be seen in pivotal role. The drama is bringing Mr Khalid Bin Shaheen back to his roots. He started out as an actor. He is primarily known for his work in PTV dramas like Daastan, however in recent times he has become a rare sighting in television.

Looks like the actor is reconnecting with his roots as we can see him in Sarah Khan starrer Meray Humdam as well as Azfar Rehman’s Qadam Qadam Ishq. In Qismat, he will be seen playing Faizan’s father. So naturally we asked Faizan how his experience has been working with him?

He replied, “Khalid sahab was a treat to work with. He’s a very classy gentleman”

The project is being directed by none other than Faheem Burney. Watch out for Qismat, coming soon on HUM TV!

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