Mehwish Hayat is undeniably a leading film actress with super hit films JPNA and Punjab Nahi Jaungi to her credits. Apart from her compelling screen presence, the actress has also wooed the audiences with her apt dancing skills.

Proving her mettle as the dancing queen, she was first seen sizzling in an item song titled Billi in Na Maloom Afraad. Her song, ‘Chirya’ in Chhalawa appears to be another very happening song which has largely been compared to Billi.

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Talking about Chirya, Mehwish revealed that while Billi was an item song, Chirya is a situational song picturized on both her and the leading actor, Azfar Rehman.

She said, “Chirya is a great song I think its the kind of song that will be played in weddings, radios , parties, and cars all the time. There is a lot of hook in that song.”

“So yes, after Billi, its Chirya now and I hope everyone will like Chirya as much as they liked Billi.” She added.

Wajahat Rauf’s directorial Chhalawa released today in Pakistan. Talking to Epk, Mehwish Hayat also revealed her expectations from the film and urged people to go watch the film!

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“All my films have released on Eid ul Azha, this is my first film on Eid-ul-Fitr. I think after Ramzan, people need some entertainment, every one also has Eidi in their pockets and they need to spend it. It’s also very hot so please go to the air conditioned cinema halls and enjoy Chhalawa!”

“I have high expectations but as always I am also a bit scared. Nevertheless I believe this is the kind of a film that you will watch not only once but many times.” She added.

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