Praiseworthy singer Abrar ul Haq has recently released his new song Chamkeeli. The amusing song has garnered heaps of love. With Abrar ul Haq’s soulful vocals and fun lyrics, the song surely hits the right chords. The vibrant Punjabi song is certainly a song that will be played on weddings. In addition the theme of the song is also receiving a lot of praises. The video stars the celebrated film star Mehwish Hayat alongside vlogger Shahveer Jafry.

In an conversation with Epk, Abrar ul Haq revealed why he believes Mehwish Hayat and Shahveer Jafry were the perfect match for this video!

“For the first time in my life, I believe I have made absolutely the right decision while choosing the actors in my video. People used to criticize my previous videos and tell me that I have not chosen the right person to portray a Punjaban or some other character in my video.  However, this is one video, where I believe no one can criticize my decision.

Mehwish Hayat and Shahveer Jafry were the perfect fit for the video. Mehwish fits the character of Chamkeeli like a charm. Mehwish’s image that comes to your mind is that of a strong-minded and dominating person. And we have used her image in this video.

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Shahveer on the other hand comes across as a kid. Shahveer is a famous vlogger and blogger. He has a lot of fans among the youth which I was not aware of but this has certainly helped a lot. It has become a way of connecting with the youth.

He actually is a kid and looks like a “balungra”. So the combination of a “balungra” and a “cheeti” who is here to take her own barat is the theme of this video.

Before the launch of this video, a lot of people said to me that the girl is much older to the guy and asked me what kind of a shaadi is this? We only laughed in response and told them to wait for the release of the song. After the song was released, everyone agrees that this was perfect combination for this video!

“Dil Walae Dulhania le gaye thay, saadi cheeti balungra lenay aye hai!” He laughed.

Stay tuned for Abrar ul Haq’s full interview releasing soon!

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Watch Chamkeeli Here:


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