We raised the question of Malala’s biopic Gul Makai’s possible release in Pakistan, yesterday. We questioned why the film has not been submitted for censor in Pakistan despite being based on a Pakistani character.

Despite Being Based On A Pak Character, Why Is Malala’s Biopic Gul Makai Not Releasing In Pakistan?

We reached out to the Pakistani origin co-producer of the film Shahid Khan. He revealed that he hopes the film will release in Pakistan. “I came to Pakistan previously and met with some high officials and local distributors. We talked about the film’s possible screening in Pakistan. I also received some negative response because this is an Indian film even though I am a Pakistani and the film’s co-producer.

Nevertheless, the story bases on the daughter of Pakistan and it should screen in Pakistan. We will be submitting the film to the censor boards in Pakistan. Hopefully the censor boards will clear the film soon and it will release shortly.” He said.

Nobel Laureate Malala’s biopic Gul Makai premiered in London

Gul Makai is slated for release on January 31, 2020 in India.


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