Khalil ur Rehman Qamar recently decided to respond to all the hatred and criticism he received on his views and being. The writer who is commonly known as a blunt and a short tempered man, came prepared to change people’s views about himself.

Using the platform of Epk, the writer took the opportunity to apologize to veteran actors Saba Hameed and Mehmood Aslam as well as Urwa Hocane. He also said if being short tempered makes him seem arrogant or if it hurts people, then he will no longer let anger take the best of him.

Exclusive: Khalil ur Rehman Qamar Reveals His Softer Side As He Apologizes To Saba Hameed & Others

Talking about the actress Iffat Omar, the writer said that he has put everything behind.

“Iffat Omar is also like my younger sister. She said some distasteful things about me. May God forgive her, I forgive her. Beta, you shouldn’t say such things. She made some mean comments on my film. It wasn’t nice. It doesn’t suit her caliber.”

Exclusive: Iffat Omar Slams Khalil-ur-Rehman in Epk Podcast

Epk previously hosted model, host and actress Iffat Omar in its studios where the actress expressed how disappointed she was on Khalil ur Rehman when he openly dissed senior actors of the industry. She also shared her blunt views regarding Khalil-ur-Rehman’s latest outing, Kaaf Kangana. In addition she said that listening to his views was a punishment. “He is a very good writer no doubt, I respect him but if this is the mentality he has, then I am shocked how can someone with such a mentality write so well?” She asked.

Watch Khalil ur Rehman Qamar’s Full Interview Here:


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