Accomplished writer Khalil ur Rehman Qamar gave a detailed interview to Epk where the hugely lauded playwright talked about his journey as a writer. The Mere Paas Tum Ho writer is currently basking in the glory of the drama’s huge success.

When did your journey as a writer begin?

I have been writing since a very young age. My activities were always different from other kids. I have been writing since I was 7. I was getting published in 6th grade and by 1st year, I was getting published a lot! My parents used to get angry at me. They didn’t like writing. My father used to tell me to pursue English instead.

Then in my 1st year, I became very rebellious towards Urdu. I realized that this country does not listen to anything in Urdu. Then came a time that I used to employ English so much that my father would question why don’t you talk in your mother tongue? I would say, no. I wont now. For about 15 years, I didn’t write in Urdu. I kept rebelling against it.

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What was your first dialogue?

“When I was only in second grade, my father would read history books to me instead of fairy tales. So this one time, he was reading the Adl-e-Jehangir to me. When he finished, I gave him an astonished look. He asked, what is it? did you not understand it? I replied “Main isliye nai dekh raha k mujay samaj nai aye, main islye dekh raha hoon k apko samaj aye hai?” (I am not looking at you because I didn’t understand it, I am looking at you wondering if you understood it) And that was my first dialogue.

He got angry and asked what the hell are you talking about? And then I explained. In those days, I had heard a new joke. I narrated it to him. I said there was a Pathan who killed another Pathan’s guest and then this other Pathan starts to roam around with a gun to kill the first Pathan’s guest for evening it out. Is that justice? If that is justice then I do not want justice.”

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